About Me - My Journey

Hi, I'm


I live on the breathtaking Faroe Islands, nestled in the Atlantic Ocean. My journey here began when my husband and I decided to move from Virginia in 2020 to get married and start our family. We've since been blessed with two beautiful daughters under two, and are renovating a cozy, historic home in the charming village of Vesmana.

Before finding my home on these islands, I traveled the world and lived in various countries, discovering my passion for helping people as a personal trainer. 

This experience inspired me to dive deeper into understanding human behavior, leading me to study psychology at 27. My studies have blessed me with invaluable knowledge about discipline and behavior that I'm eager to share with the world!

Today, my life is a beautiful whirlwind of motherhood, studies, and homemaking, but my lifelong dream of creating an online community where we can support and empower each other only grows stronger day by day.

Motherhood has been an incredible teacher, showing me the true meaning of responsibility, sacrifice, and love. 

Combining my experiences as a mother and student of psychology, I'm determined to build a community where we can uplift one another and forge authentic connections. 

So, let's embark on this journey together and make our real lives more meaningful and fulfilling!

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